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Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy - ISTDP



An effective, short-term psychotherapeutic approach, which helps overcome inner and relational conflicts through processing of stuck feelings and emotions.

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The ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) is a form of therapy which was developed by psychiatrist H. Davanloo, who defined this short-term, yet extremely effective therapeutic model throughout his experience with a vast spectrum of patients.

Through a face-to-face approach, combined with the attentiveness and active role of the therapist, the patients become able to live the emotional content which was until then deeply buried and, consequently, the source of their pathological symptomatology.

This approach represents an evolution of traditional psychodynamic models, with the purpose of accelerating the therapeutic process by focusing on specific emotional aspects.

With this goal in mind, the therapist concentrates her/his efforts on developing an effective therapeutic relationship in a short time.

Unlike traditional psychoanalysis, which nonetheless is its theoretical model, ISTDP has the objective of overcoming specific difficulties very swiftly.


In the last 30 years, ISTDP has proven to be effective in a number of areas (see link to the scientific research below).

Personally, I have decided to use the one-to-one approach – my patients are adults or teenagers (15-year-olds or older).

The main problems I deal with are:

- emotional and relational conflicts

- anxiety-related problems (e.g: insomnia, tension, concentration difficulties, etc.)

- somatization (e.g: stomachache, headache, fibromyalgia, colitis, etc.)

- panic attacks

- depression

- symptoms generally related to mood and personality


The international scientific research studies, published on prestigious journals, which certify the effectiveness of dynamic psychotherapy are numerous.

Recently, Italy has taken the same path.

In this regard, among interesting websites are the following:





My professional experience


I graduated in clinical psychology at the University of Padua (Bachelor’s degree) and in Psychotherapy at CISSPAT (Italian Centre for Study and Development of Short-Term Psychotherapy) (Master’s Degree), where I also attended a two-year postgraduate course in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. I completed my training under the mentoring of the most prominent Italian and International Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapists.

I am a member, teacher and supervisor at IEDTA (International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association).

ISTDP is the methodology I specialized in: it’s an effective short-term therapeutic approach which allows me to deeply understand the causes of psychological distress and an initial emotional unlocking.

I work with adults and teenagers (18 or older).

I work in a private practice setting in Padua and Castelfranco; I also collaborate with other organizations in Milan, Rimini and Bologna, where I work as a psychotherapist, supervisor and ISTDP teacher.

Psychotherapy sessions can be either done entirely online, via Zoom Cloud Meetings; or be a combination of both online and in-person sessions.

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Partnership with organizations

My specialization in ISTDP has also given me the opportunity to work in partnership with organizations that have a well-established local presence. These experiences, combined with the belief in the effectiveness of ISTDP, have led me to become a teacher and a mentor for colleagues who are interested in integrating this therapeutic methodology into their professional experience.

I am a member of the board of SPAI (Integrative Analytic Psychotherapy Society) and I am an ISTDP core-trainer.

I am a teacher and supervisor and member of the Board of Directors of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA).

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Mental health staff

Centro MasterMind is a team of multi-year experienced psychologists, psychotherapists and interpersonal relationship experts qualified in a range of subject areas, mainly in the field of psychotherapy.

The center offers high-quality individual, couple, family and group therapy services.

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Development of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)

SPID-B is an organization whose members are the best professionals in the field of short-term psychotherapy. It has proven to be effective in a wide range of professional contexts: law firms, pharmacies, dental clinics, medical and cosmetic surgery centers. 

It also operates by utilizing ISTDP in sport and business in case traditional methods happen to be ineffective. We are a team of psychologists and psychotherapists specialized in evaluation services, with the purpose of psychophysical well-being and healing of deep emotional blockages.

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Integrative Analytic Psychotherapy Society

SPAI is an association of psychotherapists that promotes psychodynamic psychotherapy, integrated with elements of other therapeutic approaches which are considered fundamental in the clinical practice, with the goal of facing inner conflicts which are source of suffering. Through continuous and further training of its members, SPAI aims for professional excellence.

In order to promote continuous training, SPAI provides refresher courses, either in-house or in collaboration with other organizations, for professionals who already work as psychotherapists.

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ISTDP core training

A 3-year course for psychotherapists (doctors or psychologists) who have completed their postgraduate training and are interested in developing skills in the field of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Our staff bring extensive clinical experience in the field of ISTDP, developed through training and supervision sessions and workshops with the best international trainers.

In addition, for trainees who are planning to attend an internationally accredited course, MASTERSPAI is part of the core training recognized by IETDA.

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International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association

International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association

Members of IEDTA are psychotherapists who have dedicated their careers to researching, implementing and promoting Experiential Dynamic Therapy (EDT). EDT is a psychodynamic-based method: at its core is the belief in the importance of a healthy emotional life for short-term, yet deep and lasting therapeutic change.

IEDTA holds an international conference every two years and provides accreditation for training programs for psychotherapists.

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International Deliberate Practice Society

The Deliberate Practice Society is committed to helping psychotherapists improve their patients' outcomes and support them in their professional growth, through reliable and effective procedures for developing skills in the field of psychotherapy.
The DP Society is focused on therapist development, not on developing specific theories, models or techniques.
The broader goal is the sharing of a clinical culture characterized by a continuous development of skills and focused on the therapist's performance: to give therapists around the globe the framework to never stop growing.

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By appointment only:

Padova (PD) - zona Guizza

Centro MasterMind - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

I don’t answer the phone when I’m working.

The easiest wait to contact me is to send a text message (sms or whatsapp), I will call you back as soon as possible.

You can also email me or fill the following form


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